sunflower mini sessions

I think my favorite thing about Sunflower Mini Sessions is the fact that my Dad encouraged me to do them for the first time one year ago. He loved sunflower fields!


My Dad was so supportive of my photography journey. I would call him on the way home from almost every session. When he was admitted to the hospital for what would be the last time, I'd send him pictures from wherever my sessions were to make him feel like he was outside, in an open field, on a dirt road -- his favorite place to be.  

I cannot explain the feelings I had while waiting for my clients to arrive for their mini sessions this year. Some of the littles have never seen a sunflower field before! Their eyes grew so big as their tiny fingers brushed the fuzzy stems. 

A sea of gorgeous yellow. It is seriously magical. 
Authentic moments. Precious memories -- how on earth did I get so lucky?