Mother's Day

This would have been my first Mother's Day. In fact, I would have been officially 3 weeks away from my May 31st due date, but God had other plans. I've spent the last five months since our miscarriage really paying attention to what it is that I admire about the mothers I am surrounded by. It's really special to watch my clients, my friends, love their littles while journeying through motherhood.  


I thought at first it would be extremely difficult for me to host these mini sessions.
I am so ready to be a mother; Will and I are so ready to be parents. Our hearts are still healing.
 But, one thing I have learned through times of trial is that we must always give thanks for the blessings we do have; for the love that surrounds us. 
For the hope God gives us, even when it's hard to see.


I am so thankful that God has given me the provision to still be able to see the beauty through our loss. Seeing is believing, and I see the miracle of motherhood through the lives of my clients on a weekly basis. 

I see the bonds.


I see the answered prayers. 


I see the work it takes; the love it creates.


I watch as excitement builds.


This year, I chose to celebrate the women in my life who have given me strength, hope, and belief in the future of my family simply by showing up and sharing theirs with me. 


Not every motherhood journey is the same, and that is the true beauty of it all. 
Cheers to the hardworking, selfless, talented, compassionate and relentless mothers. In all that you do, just know that there is someone watching-- someone learning-- and someone certainly admiring. From the bottom of my heart, Happy Mother's Day!