at home

Sometimes when you meet people, you just know that you'll be forever friends. You'll be the kind of friends who pray for each other 1,800 miles apart. You'll have the kind of friendship where tears flow at the departure gate no matter the airport. The kind of friendship where you walk together, through life, in two completely different parts of the country, because it's genuine. You'll inspire each other. You'll teach each other. You'll love each other's babies. You'll celebrate the small things hundreds of miles apart. 


Dan and Brenna are those friends to us. Our friendship started by meeting in St. Louis three summers ago at a tiny cafe where Dan prayed over our first lunch together. And then it was shared recipes and a love for all things Lululemon. And then Will and Dan qualified for their first trip together and all of a sudden we met up in the middle of Barcelona and traveled Spain, France, and Italy together. And then our friendship grew. And it kept growing. And all of a sudden it was a picture of a sonogram and prayers for Brenna's pregnancy. And it was a trip across the Canadian border to hold Decker for 3 hours while he was six weeks old. And now it's a "how-can-I-pray-for-you-today" text message in the middle of a breakdown. And it's helping each other find the perfect pair of jeans. And it's "you're-on-my-heart-today" and it's support and it's encouragement and it's everything.
It's friendship.


Back in February, we flew out to Olympia, Washington to visit them and catch up with Decker. We met him when he was just six weeks old, so we were really excited to see him again. We drank delicious wine, spent time with Brenna's sweet family, explored Olympia, and squeezed in as many snuggles with Decker as we could! 


It was really special to watch Dan and Brenna with Decker. I was amazed (but not surprised!) at how much grace Brenna has carried as she has transitioned into motherhood. It was fun to watch Dan tote Decky's carseat around and make him laugh. 
It was so cool to see them as parents! 


Decker is joy. He is sweet and easygoing. 
He is sooo easy to love! 


We had the best time visiting, exploring, drinking, laughing, cooking, and dreaming together. Friendship just does that. It sprinkles blessings into the everyday, it gives depth to simplicity.
Friendship takes you home, no matter where you are.