Baby Girl Heinen

I'll never forget the day Brittany told me she was pregnant. I was missing Luke (their youngest) and she was sending me a few pics. He was growing so fast! In the last picture, Luke was wearing a shirt that said "big brother." 


I freaked out! I was so excited for her.
There are some women in this world who just really pull the whole "motherhood" thing off.
Brittany is one of them. She makes it look effortless, even though I know it isn't. 


She's gorgeous when she's 35+ weeks pregnant, she's graceful after giving birth, and she is truly just an amazing mom. She has a calmness about her and even amidst the chaos, all is well.
She's talented, she works hard, and I just love how much she loves being a mama. I love her!


I cannot wait to watch this family of four become five! 


Expecting baby boy

Watching the women of my world live through the stages of pregnancy is truly one of the most amazing things ever.

While they crave pickles, green apples, and the smell of leather (ha!), I stand in awe of their strength, beauty, and the miracles taking place within their growing bellies. While they speak of exhaustion, discomfort, and nervousness, my heart bursts with joy for their families. 

Melissa and Clayton are days away from meeting their little man. 
Bella will be the best big sister!