I'll begin by saying I fought tears during my time with this family. (And then lost it on the way home). 
Good tears, happy tears, the "thank you, God!" tears... all the tears.
Shortly after we started their session, Amanda opened up and shared their adoption story. 


You see, they live in Hawaii and are preparing to move overseas to Belgium. After enduring the heartache of a prior adoption falling through, they decided to try one more time before moving. 
Shortly after contact with their adoption attorney, they learned about Elijah.
Elijah was to be born in Wichita, KS. They have family less than one hour away from Wichita!


Not only were they blessed with their sweet Elijah, but have also been surrounded by family through it all. Amanda had tears in her eyes while telling me about the glory of God's hand in their story. And, anyone who knows me knows how I feel about the magic of God's timing in our lives.


Oh little Elijah, how they prayed for you. 


"When I wait, You strengthen my heart." 
Psalm 27:14


The Browning Family

I simply love littles.
They are so curious, so full of energy. 

They are simply darling! 

You are precious in every way, the sunshine in my day
the joy in my soul & the love in my heart.